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The Berwick Gymnasium   The Berwick Gymnasium Fellowships: an archival record
Judith King (ed), introduction by Isabel Vasseur

An archival record of the three annual fellowships offered professional artists from the UK and overseas in the period 1994 2005. Artists benefit from a period of time when they can reflect upon their practice and focus on the development of their work, responding to this extraordinary border town and its dramatic costal location. Artists: Carole Drake, Emrys Williams, Marcus Taylor, Mike Nelson, Louise Cattrell, Paul Houseley, Permindar Kaur, Rosie Snell, Virginia Bodman, Richard Walker, Fiona Crisp, Shona Illingworth, Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva, Daniel Sturgis, James Peel, Uta Kogelsberger, Ze Walker, Annie Cattrell, Marcus Coates, Geraint Evans, Justin Carter, Tanya Axford, Enrique Jezik, Alistair Gentry, Semiconductor (Ruth Garman and Joe Gerhardt) , Robert Scheipner.

English Heritage & Art Editions North 2008 ISBN 978 0 9557478 1 6 Available from ArtOffice 14.99
Tod Hanson Badge   Gable Engine flashing badge
Tod Hanson

A limited edition badge made for Glow07, a light festival across Newcastle and Gateshead. The badge is based on a plug socket disco mechanism, with three flashing lights, exploring the relationship between architecture and environment, resources, energy, and waste.

ArtOffice 2007 Available from ArtOffice 4
Art & Rememberance   Art & Remembrance
Isabel Vasseur & Sophie Brown

 A catalogue of the supporting programme of works to compliment the new Islington Green war memorial by John Maine RA in therestored and redesigned landscape by J&L Gibbons LLP dealing with the themes of war, conflict and memory, specifically with the residents of Islington.  Commissioned artists: Adam Dant, Duncan McAfee, photographer Claire Waffel, poet Deborah Levy and photojournalist Brent Darby. Includes an essay by Andrew Graham-Dixon, a CD by Duncan McAfee, a DVD by Deborah Levy and film maker Jane Thorburn and interviews with John Maine RA and Joanna Gibbons. Commissioned by the London Borough of Islington and funded by the Arts Council London. 

Published by ArtOffice © 2006 Available from ArtOffice £12.95
Me-mo-ran-da CD
Duncan McAfee

This audio CD is the product of a six-month project by Duncan McAfee, working with choirs, schools and individuals in and around the London Borough of Islington. Songs from the wartime era are interwoven with the stories and recollections of people from Islington who survived the Second World War creating an audio portrait of wartime Islington and its people. Includes contributions from members of The London Gay Men's Chorus, Age Concern Islington and Islington Choral Society.

Published by ArtOffice 2006 Available from ArtOffice 5
The Fortification of Islington   The Fortification of Islington
Adam Dant

A map by Adam Dant depicting the boundary of the London Borough of Islington as defined by fortified walls and gate-houses. The map offers the adventurous walker a prescribed route which seeks to reveal the collective memories of Islington and war as represented in depictions of historical and unusual war related events and anecdotes. The map forms part of the Education and Outreach Programme commissioned by the the London Borough of Islington and funded by the Arts Council London.

Published by ArtOffice 2006 Available from ArtOffice 3.50
Art & Remembrance

  The new war memorial for Islington

A broadsheet introducing the new war memorial by John Maine RA for Islington Green and commissioned by the London Borough of Islington. Includes photographs of the chronology of the making of the memorial installed in 2006, which is made from a single piece of granite.

The London Borough of Islington Greenspace and Leisure Department 2006 Available from ArtOffice 1
Islington Club Scout Group   Islington Cub Scout Group: Peace Garden

A booklet formed from a one-day workshop in 2006 with photographers Claire Waffel and Brent Darby and the Islington Cub Scout Group exploring images that symbolise peace through the medium of photography. The workshop and booklet were part of the Education and Outreach Programme commissioned by the London Borough of Islington and funded by the Arts Council London.

Available from ArtOffice 2
  Chatham Vines

This limited edition hardback artist book documents John Newling's award winning Chatham Vines installation in St John's Church Chatham, Kent. In September 2004 thirty two Pinot Noir grape vines were planted in the central aisle of the disused church positioned either side of a 15 metre steel construction. The vines were grown for one year using hydroponics technology. At night the church was lit from within and two cameras continuously streamed images of the project to a dedicated website Before the vines were removed the grapes were harvested and made into wine, some of which was used in the Easter Sunday Eucharist Service at Rochester Cathedral and the rest will be available in Autumn 2006. Made possible with support from the Arts Council and Nottingham Trent University.

Designed by John Morgan Studio, limited to 1,000 copies. Text by Paul Bonaventura, Mark Bradbury, Rachel Jacobs, Laura Knight and Louise Francis, Peter Lock, John Newling, Andrew Spira and Isabel Vasseur and photographs by Matt Bray.

Published by ArtOffice © 2006 ISBN 0954360818
Available from ArtOffice £15
Building the BBC  

Building the BBC: A Return to Form
Nicola Jackson, Dan Cruickshank, Ricky Burdet

An exhibition catalogue documenting the history of architecture commissioned by the BBC. Includes ‘White City Art Programme’ directed by [APM] with artists Bill Fontana, Yuko Shiraishi, Tim Head, Dig Ding Dong, Thomas Cox-Bisham, Nikolaj Larsen, Elizabeth Wright, Bruce Kirk of Light Perceptions and landscape designer Christopher Bradley-Hole.

Wordsearch Communications © 2004 ISBN 1860002218
Available from ArtOffice £19.99

  Drawing Newham
James Pyman, Isabel Vasseur, Rebecca Ward

An artist book by James Pyman who was selected to work with the various schools and community groups of the London Borough of Newham and West Ham United Football Club's Learning Zone to develop a variety of drawing projects that aimed to help the people of Newham appropriate Champions as part of their neighbourhood. Drawing Newham's aim was to involve people of different ages, ethnic origins, and abilities; the project did not rely on a conventional approach to drawing, but rather depended on an imaginative way of employing the medium.

Published by[APM] © 2002 ISBN 0954360800
Available from ArtOffice £5 includes poster
to walk  

to walk
Charleston | Ramsgate | Rochester

Richard Wentworth

A photographic study of three locations in the South East of England developed by the artist Richard Wentworth.  This broadsheet encourages you to consider a different way of seeing while you walk. Through observations, factual information and questions, Richard Wentworth offers us an opportunity to reflect upon our need to locate ourselves in time and place; to mark and define our territory.

Published by [APM] © 2001
No longer available

  Artists and School Grounds
Hattie Coppard

Published by Hackney Wick Public Art & Outdoor Curriculum Project © 1999
Available from ArtOffice £5
Lucy Kimbell
numbered edition - audiotape & cards

Artist Book produced by artist Lucy Kimbell as a result of her residency at the Chatham Historic Dockyard, Medway, Kent.

Published by the Medway City Council © 1999 ISBN 0953579438 Available from ArtOffice signed edition – audiotape & cards £15 | paperback (without cassette) £5
  Blind Man's Bluff
No longer available

CD ROM of the film produced by artist Faisal Abdu'Allah and the Concorde Centre for Young People.

Concorde Centre Production 1999
i   The Medway Open 1999
Bergit Arends and Lucy McMenemy (ed)

A fully illustrated catalogue of the first of a series of biannual exhibitions based in Medway, Kent. It llustrates works by regional, national and international artists including the video projections of David Blandy, works by Edward Fellows, Lothar Götz, Saki Satom, Cathie Pilkington and Cath Pearson and an introduction by the selector Permindar Kaur and David Thorp and an essay by Bergit Arends and Lucy McMenemy.

Published by Medway Council © 1999 ISBN 0953574903
i   Seen and Magnified : Five Medway Towns
Richard Hoggart, Peter Cattrell and David Moore

This is an unreleased publication containing two photographic essays on the environs of Medway by Peter Cattrell and David Moore, and an essay by Richard Hoggart. While the black and white photography of Peter Cattrell is poetically romantic dealing mostly with the unpeopled rural and nautical edge of the Medway conurbation, David Moore focuses closely and in colour on the figures of those employed in the newly located information industries. Richared Hoggart's essay cast a rigorous eye on the failures of touristic ambitions while it celebrates the courage and tenacity of a nautical land trying to reverse its misfortunes due to the closure of Frognal and Chatham docks.

Published by Medway Council © 1999 ISBN 095354911
Available from ArtOffice £7.50
  Arcadia Revisited

This publication resulted from a one-day symposium at the Royal Geographic Society, held in 1997 to provide a context for an art and landscape project for Norbury Park a 1300 acre rural domaine owned by Surrey County Council. The papers given that day by architects, curators, cultural theorists, geographers and those responsible for land management were adapted for publication by Victoria Walsh with an introduction by Richard Hoggart.

Edited by Vicki Berger and Isabel Vasseur, the curators of the art and landscape project, this fully illustrated publication provides an exceptional bench mark on the aesthetics of contemporary landscape concerns.

Designed by Maria Beddoes and Paul Khera Contributions by Vicki Berger, Richard Hoggart, Isabel Vasseur, Gillian Darley, Jay Appleton, Richard Wentworth, Tania Kovats, Ken Worpole, Jane Howarth, Eileen O'Keefe, John Workman, Richard Mabey, with six poems by John Burnside.

Black Dog Publishing Ltd © 199
7 ISBN 1901033708
Available from ArtOffice £15
Arcadia Archive  

Arcadia Archive : Images of Norbury Park

Poster describing the art programme of 1995 at Norbury Park in Surrey with images by Derek Francis, Geraint Cunnick and Stephen Turner.

Available from ArtOffice £1

  Lux Europae
Tom Eccles (ed)

A fully illustrated catalogue of the outdoor light installations by thirty-five European artists across the city of Edinburgh in 1992. As part of the United Kingdom European Summit in Edinburgh the exhibition, curated and coordinated by Isabel Vasseur, became part of Winter City landscape. The fully illustrated publication designed by Tony Arefin includes essays by Isabel Vasseur, Duncan Macmillan, Sacha Craddock and an interview with Kasper König by Tom Eccles.

Artists include: Gerard Byrne, Nathan Coley, Viera Collaro, Patrick Corillon, Louise Crawford, Stéphan Guéneau, Bill Culbert, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Ron Haselden, Amanda Hogg, Stephen Hurrel, Matthew Dalziel, Kenny Hunter, Petros Bazos, Cristina Iglesias, Andrew Kearney, Mischa Kuball, Thorbjorn Lausten, Vittorio Messina, Elsie Mitchell, Gerard Scanlan, John David Mooney, Juan Luis Moraza, Leonel Moura, Mauizio Nannucci, Martine Neddam, Giorgos Nicholaïdes, Titus Nolte, Bernhard Prinz, Louise Scullion, Nicola von Skepsgardh, Slide Workshop, Michel Verjux, Adrian Wiszniewski, George Wyllie.

Published by the Lux Europe Trust © 1993 ISBN 0952105802
Available from ArtOffice £12
  Festival Landmarks

Catalogue of the arts and crafts installation at the National Garden Festival, Gateshead curated by Isabe Vasseur in 1990. Over 68 commissions and loans were installed on the 150 acre site adjacent to the River Tyne in 1990. The project included performace events, a new house entirely furnished by designers makers and texts installed into the landscape.

Published by NGF © 1990 ISBN 0951637118
Available from ArtOffice £15
  Art in the Garden
Graeme Murray (ed)

Catalogue of the installations at the Glasgow Garden Festival. Includes essays by Richard Cork and Isabel Vasseur. Artists include Daniel Buren, Richard Deacon, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Tracy MacKenna, Dhruva Mistry, Michelangelo Pistoletto and Louise Scullion.

Published by Graeme Murray © 1988 ISBN 0948274018
Available from ArtOffice £15
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